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Graphic Designer, Anya Shcherbakova

11021548_10206314490122912_3835911385339540178_oanya is a graphic designer living and working in richmond, va. anya graduates in december. she likes to use good design to make happier and healthier cities and believes it will all be o—k. // Facebook | Portfolio

Graphic Designer, Ashley Moody

10649656_1559664487595038_4767283217425121542_nAshley is a junior majoring in graphic design. She enjoys constantly talking, dancing and food wrapped in food. She doesn’t enjoy being quiet, mustard or the guy who has the @moody handle on Twitter. // Twitter | Facebook

Graphic Designer, Miranda Leung

12028827_10153082890531479_6701842663600965866_oMiranda is a senior pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design. She is interested in the fine line between art and design, and is continually finding ways design can exist within the art world (and vice versa). Miranda primarily creates work pertaining to culture and identity. // Facebook | Portfolio

Graphic Designer, Sarah Butler

11855783_10205970593321968_2898007745294076814_nSarah is a junior studying communication arts. In addition to being a graphic designer and contributing illustrator for the CT, Sarah also tutors math and is starting a business with her friends called No Stone Collective. Her ideal lifestyle would include lots of hiking, live music and road trips with a dog as a loyal sidekick. // Facebook | Portfolio