I now pronounce you, Church and State

February 6, 2017

As I watched 11-year-old Florecita attempt to adhere a diaper to her screaming, flailing 2-year-old daughter on the dirt-laden floor of a Peruvian shelter, a faint chorus of guilt-ridden apologies rang in my ears like Read More

Putting Trump’s executive order in perspective

February 6, 2017

In light of recent political events and VCU’s diverse student body, my attention has been largely focused on the Trump administration’s executive order banning refugees and immigrants from various Middle Eastern and North African countries. Read More

An Ode to Self Care

December 5, 2016

Is it ever acceptable for your “closest friends” to still talk to your ex-partner if they were friends with him beforehand? Sure. It sucks a little, and your friends should be sensitive to your feelings. Read More

Trump’s scary right-wing Cabinet

November 28, 2016

Almost immediately following the election Trump has adhered to the many racist and offensive views he campaigned on, despite a call for “unity” during his acceptance speech. This is perhaps most evident with his cabinet Read More

Letter from the Editor

November 28, 2016

Those who know me well know I was nothing short of a train wreck these past few post-election weeks. I don’t think anyone expected me to take the results to heart the way I did Read More

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