Coming of age: The power of youth advocacy

April 9, 2018

Young people are known for never taking anything seriously, spending too much time on their cell phones or playing video games. A survey by Reason-Rupe found 71 percent of Americans from other generations believe millennials Read More

My journey with Islamophobia

April 9, 2018

Residential Life and Housing sent an email to students on March 30 about anti-Muslim social media threats that were supposed to take place April 3. “We want our Muslim students and our community to know Read More

LTE: The Myanmar/Rohingya Muslim crisis

April 9, 2018

Dear editor, Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has been in the process of what some view as ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslim population from the Rakhine State. Extensive murders, rapes and arsons have taken Read More

LTE: The rise of populism

March 26, 2018

To the editor: Politics get more confusing every day with the distinction between the political left and right becoming less transparent. Some politicians have run away from the typical identification of being a Democrat or Read More

It’s OK to deny fascists a platform

March 26, 2018

White supremacist Richard Spencer has given up. After months of touring colleges touting his white nationalist beliefs in search of recruits for the alt-right, Spencer announced in a YouTube video the show was over. “When Read More

An Ode to Self Care

March 19, 2018

I’ve had sex with people I don’t know that well but for some reason I feel like there’s always some type of emotional connection. Is it just me as a person or does sex always Read More

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