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Executive Editor, Sarah King

Sarah King, photo by Brooke MarshSarah is a junior studying political science and philosophy of law. She is a copyeditor for INK Magazine and reporter for the Capital News Service wire. Last spring, Sarah worked as an editorial intern for Congressional Quarterly Researcher and SAGE Business Researcher in Washington, D.C. // Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


Print Managing & Spectrum Editor, Austin Walker

Austin Walker, photo by Brooke MarshAustin is a sophomore print journalism major. He started at the CT as a contributing writer, and frequently covers work done by artists and performers both on and off campus. He hopes to one day be a columnist writing about art that impacts culture, politics and documenting the lives of extraordinary and everyday people. // Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


Online Managing Editor, Maura Mazurowski

Maura Mazurowski, photo by Brooke MarshMaura is a junior cinema and journalism student. She’s interested in combining investigative journalism with filmmaking, and is a contributing writer for the online publications Elite Daily and Literally Darling. Before transferring to VCU, Maura was an editor for the student newspaper at Virginia Tech, the Collegiate Times. // Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Portfolio


Online News Editor, Andrew Crider

Andrew Crider, photo by Brooke MarshAndrew is a junior economics major who has written for student newspapers since he was in high school. Andrew is interested in political history, aviation, photography and running. He has a tendency to refer to his peers, coworkers and bosses as “ma’am” or “sir,” but is getting better about referring to his friends at the CT by their first names instead. // Facebook


Print News Editor, Fadel Allassan

Fadel Allassan, photo by Brooke MarshFadel is a sophomore print journalism major. He is fluent in English, French and Sarcasm, and he probably doesn’t like you. Fadel enjoys writing about politics and making people drive him to Cook-Out. // Facebook | LinkedIn


Sports Editor, Bryant Drayton

Bryant Drayton, photo by Brooke MarshBryant is a sports advocate who’s always smiling. He is a senior print and online journalism major aspiring for a career as a professional or college football columnist. Bryant currently covers high school football games for the Richmond Times-Dispatch. // Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


Opinion Editor, Monica Houston

Monica Houston, photo by Brooke MarshMonica is a senior English literature major planning to eventually earn her master’s in education. Monica strives to combine her background in literature and passion for early education to influence future generations with her writing. “Don’t be offended this is all my opinion, ain’t nothing that I’m saying law. This is a true confession of a life learned lesson I’ve been sent here to share with ya’ll.” // LinkedIn


Illustrations Editor, Shannon Wright

Shannon Wright, photo by Brooke MarshShannon is a senior communication arts student and an illustrator and cartoonist herself. Shannon is also the Editor-in-Chief of the VCU Comics Anthology and an active member of the art community. She loves cartoons, anime, video games, food and laughing. Shannon has been commissioned by several reputable news organizations, including The Guardian, to do editorial illustration work. // Twitter | Facebook | Portfolio


Multimedia Editor, Margaret Carmel

Margaret Carmel, photo by Brooke MarshMargaret is a senior broadcast journalism major with minors in international social justice and Middle Eastern studies and a certificate in global education. Her dream job is to make documentaries overseas, specifically in the Middle East. You can usually find Margaret at the movies or looking for more books to read. // Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Portfolio


Photo Editor, Brooke Marsh

Brooke Marsh, photo by Brooke MarshBrooke is a senior pursuing a BFA in photography & film and a minor in media studies. Prior to her role as Photo Editor, Brooke was a staff photographer for the CT. Brooke’s work has been featured at a number of exhibitions and she previously interned at Candela Gallery in Richmond. Brooke has experience photographing for news, sports and entertainment. // Twitter | Facebook | Portfolio


Staff Illustrator, Christine Fouron

Christine Fouron, photo by Brooke MarshChristine is a character designer, illustrator and comic writer. Her biggest passion is anything and everything to do with the creation of monsters and fantasy. // Facebook | Portfolio


Staff Illustrator, Erin Bushnell

Erin is an illustrator and designer majoring in communication arts. She previously interned at Media General as a broadcast designer, and has contributed comics to the VCU Comics Anthology. Erin loves drawing weird animals and learning about social issues, as well as making editorial, book and food-related illustrations. She is mostly powered by chocolate milk. // Facebook | Twitter | Portfolio


Staff Illustrator, Gareth Bentall

Gareth Bentall, Photo by Brooke MarshGareth is a cartoonist and illustrator currently in his junior year as a Communication Arts student. He specializes in political cartoons, humorous illustration, underground comic trivia, bird watching, hoarding, forwarding, boogie boarding and Parcheesi. Gareth currently resides inside of his inkpot. // Facebook


Staff Writer, Matt Chaney

Matt Chaney, photo by Brooke MarshMatt is a part-time journalism student with an undergraduate degree in English from William and Mary. He is a reporter for the Capital News Service wire and a contributor for RVAmag and GayRVA. He currently works as an assistant at Libbie Mill Library in Henrico County. His pastimes include rock climbing and hiking, and in 2014 he completed a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail, from Georgia to Maine. // Facebook | LinkedIn


Staff Writer, Muktaru Jalloh

Muktaru Jalloh, photo by Brooke MarshMuktaru is a senior double majoring in English and political science with a minor in media studies. Topic areas Muktaru enjoys covering include music, sports, pop culture and politics. // Twitter | Facebook


Staff Writer, Sophia Belletti

Sophia Belletti, Photo by Brooke MarshSophia is a sophomore print/online journalism major with a minor in gender, sexuality and women’s studies. She enjoys writing about current events and sports and hopes to one day be a sports reporter, covering soccer, basketball and baseball. You can usually find Sophia drinking way too much coffee and laughing at her own jokes. // Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


Music Desk, Josh Buck

Josh Buck, photo by Brooke MarshI’m an almost annoyingly outspoken feminist who loves writing about gender and race in mainstream art. I once had to be almost physically removed from Disneyland because my friends said it’s not cool to be the very last person in the park. I can’t wait to graduate in the spring so I can point my car West with no money and no plan, and spend months seeing the country, writing and meeting people.

Webmaster, Joshua Akan-Etuk

Josh Akan-Etuk, photo by Brooke MarshJosh is a sophomore computer science major. Josh fixes and makes all things HTML, java and CSS look pretty on the CT’s website. Josh is also a computer technician at RamTech and has his own photo business. He also dabbles in creating his own beats and videos. // Facebook | Vimeo | Portfolio


Graphic Designer, Ashley Moody

Ashley Moody, photo by Brooke MarshAshley is a junior majoring in graphic design. She enjoys constantly talking, dancing and food wrapped in food. She doesn’t enjoy being quiet, mustard or the guy who has the @moody handle on Twitter. // Twitter | Facebook


Graphic Designer, Miranda Leung

Miranda Leung, Photo by Brooke MarshMiranda is a senior pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design. She is interested in the fine line between art and design, and is continually finding ways design can exist within the art world (and vice versa). Miranda primarily creates work pertaining to culture and identity. // Facebook | Portfolio


Graphic Designer, Sarah Butler

Sarah Butler, photo by Brooke MarshSarah is a junior studying communication arts. In addition to being a graphic designer and contributing illustrator for the CT, Sarah also tutors math and is starting a business with her friends called No Stone Collective. Her ideal lifestyle would include lots of hiking, live music and road trips with a dog as a loyal sidekick. // Facebook | Portfolio


The office plants: Tracy, Carol, Ruth, Bader, Ginsburg and Laureli

The office plants were happily adopted from the Lowes of the 1600 block of W Broad street in late November 2015.

On a whim one Saturday morning, Executive Editor Sarah King, Managing Editor Emeritus Matt Leonard and Spectrum Editor Austin Walker unanimously decided the lack of natural matter inside the office was largely responsible for the newspaper staff being twitchy and more agitated than they would be otherwise.

Alas, the trio paused from impatiently awaiting their coworkers’ arrival to weekend production, and instead opted to find new friends.

Sarah coaxed Matt and Austin into the car by promising them caffeine, and the editors sped down Broad street to the sound of “I woke up like dis” blaring from Sarah’s dysfunctional radio.

Upon their arrival, Matt and Austin gleefully began throwing a foam football back and forth in the parking lot. The ball narrowly skimmed past the side-eyes of other, more mature, Lowes customers — but the boys weren’t discouraged by the glares or their poor aim.

“See what happens when you grow up and decide you want to work at a newspaper,” a particularly jaded-looking woman whispered to a wide-eyed boy clenching her hand. The boy bobbed his head — although it was unclear if he was agreeing, or simply tripping over the leather laces of his size 3 Sperry boat shoes.

“That’s what happens when you don’t realize print publications are dead — just like their prospective salaries, hopes and dreams,” the woman added with a very self-satisfied smirk.

The boy nodded vacantly as refracted sunlight glistened off the snot crusted below his nose. He couldn’t look away from the older boys; he was mesmerized by the sleep-deprived duo laughing hysterically as their foam ball narrowly avoided a store employee preparing a christmas tree for checkout.

“I promise I won’t be like them, Auntie,” the boy said, grasping the woman’s hand so tightly his pale knuckles turned florescent. “I promise I’ll be a good boy and…” he trailed off looking over his shoulder one more time. “I promise to be good and become a STEM major,” he squeaked out breathlessly.

The woman smiled broadly, seemingly content with his answer (or perhaps doing her best impression of a toad — again, it was unclear which), and yanked him by the hand toward a Lexus RX 350 painted the same color as the snot crumbles accumulating under the boy’s nose.

“Stop staring, you know that’s rude,” she snapped at him.

Inside, Sarah, Matt and Austin frantically began the search for new friends. Their excitement was nearly tangible and, much to the relief of Lowes customer service and store management, the three returned to the office shortly after. They carried with them six new leafy loves:

  • Christmas cactus Carol, who has yet to bloom, but the staff remains confident she will
  • Small and spunky cacti Ruth, Bader and Ginsburg, each of whom firmly believe in equality and laying down the law
  • Laureli the ivy, who the staff loves unconditionally even though she’s a tad high maintenance
  • And Tracy, who is a beautiful, tall, independent plant and knows it. (Nobody — including the cashier at Lowes — is quite sure what species Tracy is, but Tracy doesn’t like to talk about it, and that’s okay.)

The office plants enjoy the weekend bustle of CT production, being fed fertilizer in small quantities and ingesting vitamin D and H2O on a fairly regular basis. // Unfortunately, the office plants are not very social media savvy at this time. They’re working on it, though.

Advertising Representatives: Katie Gallant, Shaun Jackson, Abigail Keatinge
Outreach Coordinator: Nicolas Desouza
Student Media Center Director: Greg Weatherford
Production Manager: Mark Jeffries
Business Manager: Jacob McFadden
Assistant Business Manager: Samantha Foster

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