Police on the lookout after VCU student injured in on-campus hit-and-run Sunday

Police are looking for a suspect after a student was injured in an on-campus hit-and-run at the intersection of West Grace and North Belvedere Streets Sunday night.

In a statement, police said the woman was crossing Belvedere in a crosswalk at 10:24 p.m. when a vehicle struck her as it turned on Belvedere from Grace Street, the vehicle did not stop after it struck the woman.

Police were able to identify the vehicle, a 2017 Ford Escape, until it reached Leigh Street. The manufacturer gave police the indication the vehicle is likely is red or orange.

The student was taken to the VCU Medical Center for treatment. Her condition is unknown.

Detectives are asking that anyone with additional information contact police at (804) 828-1196.

Fadel Allassan Contributing Writer

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