No new information in reported rape, police say

Cyrus Nuval

Staff Writer

VCU Police have no new information regarding the rape reported by a student on May 9, according to a spokesperson for the VCU Police.

The assaulted victim has not yet provided any other specific information concerning when the crime took place, where the crime was committed and what the suspect looked like or if the victim knew the suspect, according to an email sent by the VCU Police Department to the VCU community on May 10 at 9:30 am.

“Everything the VCU Police Department currently knows about the crime that took place on May 9, is on the VCU Alert texts and emails given to the students,” said Michael Kelly, a spokesperson for the VCU Police Department. “The university is legally required by the Federal Government’s Clery Act to disseminate timely warnings about crimes that occur inside or nearby university ground.”

The report classified the reported sexual assault as a forcible rape. Out of respect for the victim’s privacy, the VCU Police Department will not disclose the name, age or gender of the student.

Jody Atkins, the victim witness specialist for VCU Police, encourages students to take precautionary measures to avoid being victimized by any sort of criminal act.

“We tell this to both our male and female students. Trust your instincts and be aware of your surroundings,” Atkins said. “Do your best not to travel alone, especially at night. Move through well-lit areas. If you will be taking alcohol that day or night, have a buddy system or bring a designated driver or trusted companion who is sober.”

Atkins encourages female students to attend VCU Rape Aggression Defense Classes.

“At the moment we are only licensed to teach females,” Atkins said. “It is a twelve hour course … The class is free for students and simply ten dollars for staff, faculty and visitors.”

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