Friday Night Live becomes No Shame again

Samantha Foster
Spectrum Editor

At Friday Night Live last week, the hosts announced that the student variety show would be buying the copyright and returning to its original name, No Shame.

Friday Night Live will be buying the copyright to the name No Shame, which should cost $300, said Sarah Worden at last Friday’s Friday Night Live, who works as the stage manager for No Shame and is on the SALT board.

Over the last two Friday Night Lives, which are held every other Friday, those involved in Friday Night Live, which includes VCU students from any major, raised more than $200 through audience donations and auctioning off regular performers to do household chores, like washing dishes and cars. Since Friday Night Live is a free event, the copyright will be bought using only donated money.

At the auction last Friday night, Shane Moran, also known as the Cabana Boy, was sold to an audience member to wash their car or dishes without a shirt.  Other auction items included a resume revision by Worden, a shirtless dinner made by one of the members of the regular act “The Armada Chef” and an evening spent cuddling with a basset hound.

Friday Night Live changed their name from No Shame at the end of the spring 2012 semester.  The name No Shame was taken from the national organization, No Shame Variety Show, but due to copyright laws, they were not able to keep the name. VCU’s No Shame is based off of the original organization but allows its participants more time to perform their chosen talent which can include activities like reading poetry, playing an instrument or acting.

At the beginning of last semester, when the new name Friday Night Live was announced, it was ushered in with a new theme song, complete with signs to help the audience learn the new words.

Since No Shame will be returning, the original theme song will also be making a comeback.  Last Friday night, all the performers and the hosts, Erin Adelman and Caitlin Carbone, sang the No Shame theme on stage, while most of the audience sang along to the familiar tune.

While those involved in No Shame declined to comment on the name change until the copyright has been bought, but they did say that the change should be made official soon.

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