I’m not saying the Giants are going to
win the Super Bowl. I don’t expect them
to. After week two, I don’t think anyone
outside of New York thought there was
a chance to get there.

I expected to see a Patriots-Packers title
game when the playoffs began. However,
if there is a team that has a lot to prove
in this game – it’s New York.

This is the Giants’ chance to prove
that the first half of week 17’s nail-biting
loss to the Patriots wasn’t a fluke. This
is Eli Manning’s chance to be more than
Peyton’s baby brother (or in Mississippi,
Archie’s son). This is the defense’s chance
to stop the best offense in the league.

Will it happen? Probably not. Could it
happen? Yes. Brandon Jacobs and Plaxico
Burress provide one of the better 1-2
punches in the league on offense.

Michael Strahan and Justin Tuck can cause havoc for New England’s
solid offensive line. In short, it will take a great effort on both sides of
the ball for the Giants to pull off the upset.

They were close in week 17, but not close enough. To win, New
York will have to play 60 minutes of solid ball. What better time to
do it than against an undefeated team looking to make history?

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