Platform boot stomping in Richmond

With Halloween coming up this Sunday, now is the perfect time to dress dark and check out the Richmond Goth/Industrial scene. Once dominated by Revelations, held at the Nanci Raygun back when it was the 929 Club, the Richmond G/I scene now offers clubgoers a choice of which established weekly events to attend and stomp to their black hearts’ content. Re:surrection, which filled the Goth night void at Godfrey’s on Wednesdays, has since switched time and formats to Tuesdays and a more 80s-friendly sound, but two nights still remain. Retrolution, held at Mars Bar in Shockoe Bottom, and Sacrosanct, held at the Nanci Raygun.

Mars Bar
115 N. 18th Street, Shockoe Bottom
Richmond, Va.

Retrolution, formerly of Godfrey’s, can now be found across from Tiki Bob’s in the stylish Mars Bar. Being an 18+ event with no cover, a diverse crowd you can often find. At the same time, however, familiar faces and friends are always on hand.

Inside, there is a pool table, TVs and projection screens, and a small dance floor in the back.

Kirsten Fitzgerald, aka DJ domext and house DJ of Mars Bar, has been spinning music since 1995 and has been involved with Retrolution since 2002.

Regarding the type of music she plays at the club, Fitzgerald mixes it up.

“Their [the clubgoers] musical tastes range,” she said.

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