Darby Jones almost quenches thirst

Darby Jones’ frontman, Nick Cavagnaro, was running around last week, disc man in hand, trying to expose people to their music and draw a decent-sized crowd to their Holy Chow show. The interesting thing was that once I gave them a try they sounded pretty good.

Their current EP, “The Faster Sampler,” is a preview of their upcoming “Harmony and Discord,” which looks to be a breakthrough for them.

Cavagnaro’s voice has a rawness to it that puts an interesting twist on their otherwise fairly polished music. In “Faster Than Your Angel” he shrieks, “I’m stranded and I can’t keep it together/ flashbacks have lost their meaning all together.”

“You Were Better Off” has a power-rock feel to it interspersed with short melodic breaks. Bassist Rob Chojnacki’s background vocals add a lot to this song. As it comes to a climax, “You Were Better Off” even features a hair-band rift that would make Sebastian Bach proud.

They seem to fall of a bit with the final song, “Hydrate.” It sounds more like a Pepsi commercial than what they were going for as Cavagnaro sings, “I need to drink all of you… / let me drown in you for a while / and show me how to keep it true / keep it true / keep me hydrated / not dry.”

Two out of three ain’t bad. Hopefully their soon to be released CD focuses more on the less- commercial and less-polished aspects of their music.

Rating: 3 stars

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